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Believe there is a visual story behind every brand that deserves to be told.
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We are global so we can service you no matter where you are.

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Arturo Cuadrado

He is a licensed voiceover talent who has worked in this field for more than 25 years. He works in Buenos Aires delivering VO services to leading companies of Argentina and Latin America, such as: 
SC Jhonson, Disney, NBCU (Telemundo Internacional), Telecom, Renault Colombia, Universal Music, 20 Century Fox, BBVA Frances (Latam), Volkswagen, Colgate (for Palmolive Latam), and in Latam and USA. 
He has worked in production teams as a voiceover expert casting voices for podcasts; audiobooks for companies such as AT&T, Amazon, and Apple podcasts.
In 2018, he founded AvHub with Franco Bittolo.

Franco Bittolo

He studied Fine Arts and began working as cartoonist in several Argentinean publications. He entered the world of animation working for Disney, Hanna & Barbera and Don Bluth, among others. After working for four years in TV series and films, he worked in several agencies and advertising companies, up to 2001, where he created his own production company: Bitt, considered one of the most important in South America regarding animation and visual effects, and winner of many international awards. In 2018, together with Arturo Cuadrado, he founded AvHub.

Mariano Schiumerini

Executive Producer

He has a strong ability and proven experience on production and post-production in an extensive array of formats and complexity. Lover of technology and innovation with vast adaptability and a strong and creative problem solving capacity, a solid commitment in complex and demanding projects and clients. Always focusing in adding value in every step of a production process. Production Director of Bitt. Post-Production Director of Illusion Studios Feature films Live action and Animation, TV Sitcoms, animation shows, multimedia Live shows. Production manager of Primo, Cinetauro and Argentina Cine.

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